We engage children in experiential learning enriched by Jewish values, while connecting families within the warm embrace of a Reform synagogue community
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Learn if JRM Preschool is your child’s home away from home now by reaching out to Shannon Solomon, Early Childhood Education Director, at (425) 559-2571 or  ssolomon@tdhs-nw.org

Infant and Pre-K Spaces Available! Contact Shannon Solomon for more information at ssolomon@tdhs-nw.org.

What parents have to say about Jennifer Rosen Meade Preschool

It was absolutely important to us that we find a preschool that could nurture our children’s spirit while also helping them grow academically. At Jennifer Rosen Meade, I found that place - where they would hold my hands as I learned to let go for the first time and nurture our children while at the same time providing a safe place to learn about the world outside of home and get them ready for kindergarten. I think the two go hand-in-hand; the social development is as important as the intellectual and they are strengthened by each other. I am forever grateful to Jennifer Rosen Meade for providing this atmosphere for our three children and I think it’s a huge part of why they continue to love school now.
Alison H.mother of two alumnae and one current student
Jennifer Rosen Meade Preschool was the perfect place for my kids to start their educations. I knew I’d picked the right preschool when a Kindergarten teacher told me that she can always tell the JRM Preschool kids – they are the ones who can sit and participate in circle time, follow the instructions for projects, help themselves during lunchtime, and stand in line when asked–four of her most important Kindergarten-ready skills.
Elizabeth GMom to 3 JRM Preschool Alums

See if your family should become part of our family by reaching out to me directly at (425) 559-2571 or ssolomon@tdhs-nw.org – Shannon Solomon, Early Childhood Education Director

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