Like our loving teachers, Jennifer Rosen Meade began each day with a smile, a radiant zest for life, and the extreme gusto to experience every moment to the fullest!

Jennifer’s love for children was no secret. Beyond her commitment as a regular JCC counselor, and instructor at the Fiorini Ski School, she continually sought out opportunities to build confidence and impart joy into the life of every child she met.

An avid and skilled skier, Jennifer was a regular on Crystal Mountain.

However, what family and friends remember her most for is the rare vibrancy she exuded, whether racing down the slopes or walking down the street.

“Heads would turn,” recalls her cousin Laurie Stusser McNeil, “turn to observe this glamorous woman, daughter, and mother flash her joyous smile.”

Sadly, Jennifer left us on March 3, 1990, at the age of 29. She is survived by her husband Stephen Meade, her daughter Rachel, her son Andrew, and a large, loving family. Jennifer’s’ extended family represents longtime Temple membership and includes her great-grandfather, Jacob Berkman, a founding member of our synagogue.

When Temple’s former Senior Rabbi Earl Starr suggested the idea of a preschool as a tribute for such a loving person, her parents agreed, “What a wonderful idea.” Since Jennifer adored and respected children, it seemed a perfect proposition to create a preschool bearing her name.

“The preschool reflects not just her personality but her values,” adds her brother Kermit. “She was a blessing to everyone who knew her.”

Jenny’s magic lives on in the broad smiles and laughter resonating in the classrooms and hallways of the Jennifer Rosen Meade Preschool. Our tradition teaches us that her memory should live on to bless others. Because of her family, their connection to the Temple, and their dedication to our heritage, Jennifer Rosen Meade continues to bless us all.