At JRM Preschool, we know that the parents are the experts on their child and the best way we can care for your child is through open communication.   Each day when you drop off your child, a teacher is there to talk with you about how your child’s day is going. And at pick up, we want to share with you how your child’s time with us was.  Aside from in person communication, we provide daily communication sheets in the classrooms where parents and teachers can leave notes for each other. 

Another way we share what your child is learning is through  Remini, which is available online or through an app on your mobile device.  It allows us to share information about your child’s day and photos with the click of a button. 

Our Parent Ambassador Committee is a very active, integral part of JRM Preschool.  They send out emails and calendar reminders, as well as host a monthly meeting to share information with families. 

Baby Announcements

We are thrilled to begin the initiative of Baby Announcements! This is an opportunity for us to help support families in celebrating the arrival of newborns within our community. If you, or someone you know recently had a baby or is currently expecting, please complete this form. Whether it is your firstborn or your fifth. Temple looks forward to honoring these special moments together. Questions? Contact Madeleine Biller.