The Season of Thanks & Giving

The Season of Thanks & Giving

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We’ve had so much fun at JRM Preschool this fall! Between the Sukkot Harvest Festival, autumnal crafts, and playing outside in all weather, we’ve been taking full advantage of the season!

However, fall isn’t as wonderful for those who don’t have sufficient resources. Jewish tradition teaches us that it is our responsibility to care for the less fortunate in our community – to practice social justice. That can be a daunting task with small children in tow. Lucky, there are easy ways to start building the habits of tikkun olam and kavod as a family (ask your preschoolers what those Hebrew words mean!).

Some ideas:

  • Donate to a food bank – have your kids help pick out food for other hungry kids
  • Clean up your neighborhood – put on gloves, grab a trash bag, and pick up litter
  • Put together “mitzvah bags” – stock up on items like socks and dental hygiene products, put them in a bag, and encourage your kiddo to pass them out to people experiencing homelessness
  • Make friends – visit a nursing home or residential center for disabled adults, and bring along books or games to share with your new friends
  • Care for the earth – plant a few easy plants like basil and kale, and encourage your kids to care for them and cook with them

How have you practiced social justice and tikkun olam with your child? We’d love to hear what you have done-share with us at